Career Fair at the IGSSE Forum. Image: Astrid Eckert

Creating productive settings for promising networks

Academic and industrial partners appreciate IGSSE´s unique interdisciplinary infrastructure and doctoral training program. Next to all of the 14 TUM departments are represented in our project teams and together with our international und industrial partners, IGSSE has built up an unparalleled network of high-profile links into academia and industry.

This outstanding network is fostered via diverse events, ranging from the much acclaimed annual IGSSE Forum, academic initiative workshops to exclusive career fairs. They aim to connect decision makers of academia and industry with IGSSE researchers of all career stages.

2nd Martini Colloquium 2018

For the first time, IGSSE´s new peer meeting on Prinicpal Investigators and Project Team Leader level has been part of our graduate school´s annual meeting. PIs of 5 project teams of the 10th project cohort presented their findings in the unique atmosphere of the former monastery. All PIs and Project Team Leaders were invited  to join the festive dinner and certificate ceremony after the presentations. Read more details here.

1st Martini Colloquium 2017

Current and former principal investigators, postdocs as well as their cooperation partners and guests seized the opportunity for an exclusive glance of IGSSE research. Five PIs of IGSSE´s 10th project team cohort presented their research, looking back on two years of interdisciplinary team work. Read more details here.

More than 40 PIs and PTLs attended the talks, here given by Dr. Michael Kaniber
Image: Astrid Eckert
Lively interdisciplinary discussions on peer-level
Image: Astrid Eckert

Exclusive IGSSE Career Fair

IGSSE Career Fair in 2017 (Image: Astrid Eckert)

13 companies, academic employers and funding organisations presented their professional portfolio at the 1st IGSSE career fair. On the last day of the 2017 IGSSE Forum, representatives from shooting star companies like Kinexon but also global players like Infinion met about 90 doctoral researchers and postdocs.

The acclaimed event will open its doors again in 2018. Prospective presentators please contact event manager Maya Schmitt.

Complete exhibitor´s list of the 2017 IGSSE Career Fair
AdjuCor, DFG, DPMADynamic BiosensorsEvonikInfineon, Kinexon, TUM Talent Factory, TNG Consulting, UAS7, Wacker Chemie

I4 Workshop with UT Austin

TUM President Wolfgang A. Herrmann and IGSSE Director Barbara Wohlmuth with guests from UT Austin in January 2017. (Image: IGSSE)

Enhancing present one-on-one collaborations of TUM and UT Austin chairs to a bigger and more visible scale has been a major aim of the past workshop that IGSSE organised in Munich in January 2017. Eight guests from UT Austin/USA (ICES, School of Architecture, Energy Institute) discussed with IGSSE, MSE, IAS Directors and other TUM professors the options of future common research projects and training programs.

TUM President Wolfgang A. Herrmann was impressed with the ideas and promised to support the efforts of the researchers. The meeting is a first step towards stronger links to one of USA´s top universities. IGSSE has been happy to support a new generation of scientific opportunities!