IGSSE Management Office

For more information on our concept, to initiate new collaborations or to get advice on administrative matters regarding current project teams, please contact our management office team. 

Management Team

Managing Director

Dr.-Ing. Michael Klimke
Email klimke@zv.tum.de | Phone 089 289 10600

Research Promotion, Internationalization, Finances, Quality Management

Deputy to the Managing Director

Dr. rer. nat. Marco Barden
Email barden@zv.tum.de | Phone 089 289 10632

Quality Management

Mirely Kollmannsberger, M.Sc.
Email kollmannsbergerm@zv.tum.de | Phone 089 289 10619
Office hours Monday to Thursday

Research Controlling

Kristina Keil M.A.
Email keil@zv.tum.de
Phone 089 289 10635


Maria Mitrou
mitrou@zv.tum.de | Phone 089 289 10633


Marika Kotanidou
on parental leave

Qualification Program, Communication, Events, Diversity

Project Management

Jo-Anna Küster, M.A.
Email kuester@zv.tum.de | Phone 089 289 10612
Office hours Monday to Thursday