Interdisciplinary doctoral seminar: Somatosensation and motor control


17 + 18 February 2018 | Georg-Brauchle-Ring 60/62, Campus D | Munich

Prof. D. Franklin of TUM´s chair for Neuromuscular Diagnostics offers a two-day course on the somatosensory system and mechanoreceptors and their involvement in motor control and learning.

The first day will primarily focus on the somatosensory system (from peripheral mechanoreceptors to -basic- central processing of somatosensory information) - and include both a four hour lecture and some hands on work. The major point will be that sensation is not only for perception but also action. 

The second day will cover the basics of motor control and continue on with some hands-on work. The plan is around 12 hours over the two days with a mixture of lecture, discussion and hands-on experimental work.

Dr. Michael Dimitriou is Assistant Professor at the Deptartment of Integrative Medical Biology at Umea University/ Sweden. He uses the technique of microneurography to record from human muscle afferents during voluntary movements, as well as robotic manipulandum to investigate the behavioral implications of the neural findings, such as in terms of reflex motor behavior and proprioceptive acuity.

Registration deadline 10 February 2018. Please register via email to
Childcare can be arranged, please let the Faculty Graduate Center Sports and Health Sciences (see email) know about any specific needs. 

There is no registration fee for members of TUM Graduate School and IGSSE.