New project team leaders´ representatives elected!


This year, the IGSSE Project Team Leader (PTL) community has elected Gabriele Chiogna and Tao Ma as their representatitves in our graduate school. Their responsibilities include active participation in the evaluation process of new project proposals and communicating ideas and concerns of the PTLs to the IGSSE Director and Board. The PTL speakers also initiate special trainings for IGSSE PTLs either at a TUM campus or as part of the IGSSE Forum. 

Last but not least, Gabriele is PTL to project team 12.05 and Tao to project team 12.04. Get more information on the IGSSE Board members on our respective website.

All the best for our new PTL representatives and another cordial thank you to Elizabeth Rosado-Balmayor and Wolfgang Betz, the former representatives, for their support during the past year!