Opportunity in Canada: Research Stay Abroad


4 months at Micralyne Inc. and Meldrum lab at the University of Alberta

1 visiting researcher position for a TUM graduate student (Masters or PhD) at the University of Alberta (Edmonton Canada) for a research stay of approximately 4 months in early to mid 2019. The position is funded and the student will receive a total salary of approximately $10,000 CAD (including benefits) over this time period. The student can be specializing in either Physics, Chemistry, or Materials Science/Engineering.

The project is focused on high-refractive index thin film synthesis and characterization, and is part of an industry-university collaboration between Micralyne Inc. (a tech company located in Edmonton) and the Meldrum lab at the Alberta. The focus of the research effort is to control the physical, chemical, and optical properties of mixed oxide thin films synthesized as part of Micralyne’s efforts to find materials with optimal biosensing properties along with other possible applications.

The PI, Dr. Al Meldrum, is already part of the ATUMS collaboration between the Technical University of Munich and the University of Alberta, but the student does not need to be a member of the ATUMS program.
The student will work with Micralyne staff on the thin film synthesis and will be trained in various characterization tools at the University of Alberta, working as part of an experimental research team in the Department of Physics. Please contact Prof. Meldrum if interested for further information at