1st IGSSElerator Workshop in July 2018


The large share of young researchers of the workshop is uncharacteristic for a workshop of this size, and created a diverse environment filled with fruitful discussions.

The MACSIMS workshop was held from July 2-4 2018 at the Conference Hotel “Jäger von Fall” in Lenggries. The program covered a broad spectrum of cutting-edge research in materials simulations, with a particular focus on how empirical, coarse-grained or continuum models can be constructed from (or coupled to) first-principles calculations. With 20 invited speakers and 41 participants in total, the meeting featured a diverse yet familiar atmosphere. The workshop provided ample opportunity for personal contacts with international researchers, with participants hailing from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands and the USA. This was particularly valuable for the participating graduate students, who were thus able to get in touch with leading scientist from their fields on a personal level.
One of the central themes that emerged in many talks and discussions was the use of modern machine-learning (ML) techniques in different aspects of materials research. Here, a great benefit of the workshop program was having proponents of ML and more traditional physics-based approaches in dialogue. This revealed that a promising strategy for the future may be the combination of simple, qualitative physical models with ML corrections. This directly ties into the research performed in the IGSSE Project Team CatGraph.
IGSSE has been happy to support the meeting with funds from its newly established IGSSElerator Workshop Grant.