i³ workshops

These workshops are dedicated to give interdisciplinary, international and intersectoral impulses. Content and execution vary to offer a wide variety of inputs, e.g. field trips, IGSSE workshops at TUM and IGSSE scientific events with interdisciplinary or international approach.

IGSSE offers up to three workshops per year aiming to enhance doctoral researchers´ professional networks either scientifically or career-wise. A special focus is given to the ethical foundation of science, good scientific practice and responsible leadership. Doctoral researchers are encouraged to propose contents or organize a workshop. Some workshops may be restricted to a specific number of participants to ensure excellent impact opportunities.

Recommended participation from year 1 of doctoral research.

Next workshop

The entrepreneurial mindset
15 March 2018 | 9am - 3 pm | Lichtenbergstr. 4a | Garching Campus

A doctoral degree opens up a wide range of career opportunities, including founding a company. But all successful and sustainable companies are rooted in a true entrepreneurial mindset. Also, establishing a flourishing business requires specific skills, persistence and confidence.
If you want to consciously reflect on your personal skills regarding entrepreneurship, this is the workshop to attend. The half-day course conveys not only entrepreneurial success stories of previous PhD students from TUM but also tools to discover your entrepreneurial qualities. 

Trainers: Bianca Zwiebler-Schmalz (UnternehmerTUM) and Florian Becke (TUM StarUp Advisor)
Please register via our registration platform. In case of problems, please get in touch with event manager Maya Schmitt.
Registration closes 4 March 2018.