i³ workshops

This workshop is dedicated to interdisciplinary, international and intersectoral impulses. Content and execution vary to offer a wide variety of inputs, e.g. field trips, IGSSE workshops at TUM and IGSSE scientific events with interdisciplinary or international approach.

IGSSE offers up to 3 workshops per year aiming to enhance doctoral researchers´ professional networks either scientifically or career-wise. Doctoral researchers are encouraged to propose contents or organize a workshop. Some workshops may be restricted to a specific number of participants to ensure excellent impact opportunities.

Recommended participation from year 1 of doctoral research.

Next workshops

  • Invisible career obstacles: Surmounting the glass ceiling
    November 2017 | tba | IGSSE building | Garching Campus

    Awareness and withstanding of non-verbal professional obstacles blocking the career ladder. This one-day course sets impulses to recognize and to avoid resigning to the common practices of tacid hierarchical attitudes.   
  • TUM Founding counseling and support
    January 2018 | tba| IGSSE building | Garching Campus

    In this 3-hour workshop TUM Start-Up advisors give insights of the dos and dont´s of founding a company - and how TUM supports entrepreneurship.

  • Careers in interdisciplinary teams
    2018 | tba | IGSSE building | Garching Campus

    A patent officer of the European Patent Organization and an IGSSE alumnus and now consultant at Boston Consulting give first-hand insights into their career paths, as well as challenges and rewards of their work. Up to 15 participants. Registration opens soon.