Effective Rhetoric for Poster Talks

29 November 2019 | 09:00-17:00 hrs | TUM IAS Building | Lichtenbergstrasse 2a | Garching Campus

The aim of presenting a scientific argument is to persuade your listeners that your research makes a valid contribution to your field and / or related fields. In science, you need to convince other researchers that you benefit the field in helping to solve a problem, or in filling a research gap. Apart from a clearly formulated and logical argument, the presenter also needs to convince the listener that he or she is a competent speaker, based on body language and tone of voice.
In this seminar we will look at a range of principles and frameworks to better understand how to construct effective arguments, and how to avoid some common and tempting mistakes in reasoning. We will develop frameworks that help you convey your key messages clearly with the aim of making the audience’s job easy. 

Trainer: Tim Korver, coach and trainer of TUM Graduate School seminars

Key content

  • Defining an argument
  • How to construct an argument
  • Using argument models and frameworks
  • Understanding and evaluating types of argument
  • Body language & tone of speech
  • Dealing effectively with difficult questions


Prepare a poster pitch of your research for a 3 to 5-minute talk.