Project team toolbox

This half-day workshop is an essential part of the individual qualification program brings together all members of the respective IGSSE Project Team (fellow doctoral researchers and project team leader).

Guided by a professional trainer, the participants get valuable insights into various methods of facilitating the project team´s collaboration towards its scientific goal. Applied tools, amongst others, include team canvas, design thinking and rapid prototyping.

The project team members will be asked for their specific needs prior to a workshop to secure a tailor-made seminar content. The workshop also adapts to the specific requirements of early project teams (within 1st year of collaboration) and advanced project teams (2nd year of collaboration).

The project team toolbox has been developed in cooperation with IGSSE doctoral researchers, project team leaders and UnternehmerTUM. It is based on the UnternehmerTUM concept 'Try-Learn-Change' and its 'Prototype your PhD' workshop for TUM Graduate School.

Recommended participation in year 1 or 2 of doctoral research phase.