Creating excellent research off the beaten tracks

IGSSE principal investigators (PIs) are senior researchers at TUM pursuing research goals at the interface of TUMĀ“s departments. They may also cooperate with international academic or industrial partners who hold equivalent positions there, also acting as PI within IGSSE. All PIs are supervisors of at least one IGSSE doctoral researcher.

Within an IGSSE call for proposals, future PIs submit a cooperation abstract that links two TUM departments or TUM with an international or industry partner. Given a positive peer-reviewed evaluation, the IGSSE Board grants a project team with at least one doctoral scholarship position and project funds.

IGSSE also offers a flexible, administrative concept that covers requirements of DFG proposals (e.g. GRK, SFB) and EU funds (e.g. ITN) regarding doctoral training. Interested PIs are invited to initiate new networks at the annual IGSSE Forum or Martini meeting.

For more information, please contact IGSSE Managing Director Dr. Katrin Offe.