Contributing to a unique research and training framework

Innovative concepts need advocates and allies. IGSSE and all its members appreciate the financial and intagible commitment of our supporters who are, like us, dedicated to foster interdiscplinary research and training off the beaten tracks.

Since 2006, IGSSE has had strong partners who have provided financial means needed to foster IGSSEĀ“s research and training portfolio. Our graduate school has benefitted from funds for scholarships, awards, consumables and even a state-of-the-art location for the annual IGSSE Forum.

First and foremost, the German Excellence Initiative funds of 2006 and 2012 have helped IGSSE to establish an internationally acclaimed concept in doctoral training and cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research. 

Browse the list of our donators from the public domain and industry (below) and get inspired by the manifold ways of supporting upcoming researchers and exceptional research. 

Public support

Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts

Stadt Burghausen

Logistics | Technical support | Location for IGSSE Forum 1-9

Bund der Freunde der TUM e.V.


German Research Foundation (DFG)

Research infrastructure | Doctoral training | International networks

Industry support

Adolf Messer Foundation

Fujitsu Laboratories

Scholarships | Consumables

GE Global Research Europe

Scholarships | Consumables

Siemens AG

Scholarships | Research infrastructure

Tyczka Energy Foundation


Vodafone Foundation

Awards | Doctoral training

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