The IGSSE has passed a new statute. The proclaimation of the new statute is made on March 25, 2021. As of March 26, it becomes effective. To view and read the new IGSSE statute (in German), it is now avaiable online at your disposal in PDF format: IGSSE Statute 2021. ... [more]

Our PI, PTL and former board member Gabriele Chiogna has become adjunct professor at the Department of Geography of University of Innsbruck, Austria, starting 01. March. Congratulations Gabriele! [more]

Our IGSSE doctoral candidates and postdocs have elected their new speakers. We are happy to announce that the new speakers for the doctoral researchers are: Speaker: Lisa Hug Deputy: Linda Bandelow and for the coordinating postdocs: Speaker: Tanu Singh Deputy: Sebastian... [more]

TUM and Imperial College London have jointly published the second call for the Joint Academy of Doctoral Studies (JADS). The theme of this year's call is "Mathematics of Information: Theory and Application", which aims to connect mathematical theory to a variety of innovative... [more]

Check AdONE's application page for details on PhD positions in the fields of applied mathematics, computer science, industrial engineering, operations management, operations research, or related. AdONE is looking forward to your application! [more]

Dr. Ionut-Gabriel Farcas was recently awarded the Heinz Schwärtzel-Disseration-Prize 2020 for his thesis 'Context-aware Model Hierarchies for Higher Dimensional Uncertainty Quantification' as a member of the IGSSE project 10.02 BAYES. The Heinz Schwärtzel-Disseration-Prize is... [more]

After a successful launch of the EIT Urban Mobility Doctoral Training Network (DTN) earlier this year, the second call is now open for interested young researchers from partner universities. [more]

Virtual kick-off event on October 19: New approaches to training the next generation of researchers and innovators [more]

Pirmin Schlicke from project 13.04 cellMATh has participated in the annual meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology. His contributed presentation to the section Mathematical Oncology 'How Mathematical Modeling Could Contribute to the Quantification of Metastatic Tumor... [more]

The new TUM Innovation Networks call for top researchers and young talents that cooperate across disciplines and subject cultures. Transdisciplinary teams, collective creativity, new ideas - and the freedom to pursue them: The call for TUM Innovation Networks is open, for further... [more]