EIT Urban Mobilitiy Doctoral Training Network: second call open now

After a successful launch of the EIT Urban Mobility Doctoral Training Network (DTN) earlier this year, the second call is now open for interested young researchers from partner universities.

In July this year, the EIT Urban Mobility DTN has started with a diverse and motivated group of doctoral researchers. Since then, they have already begun to actively participate in the DTN courses and the first EIT Annual Forum. Now, the second call is open for doctoral researchers from EIT Urban Mobility partner universities that are eager to join the DTN and together foster research in urban mobility through exciting networking and training opportunities. The application deadline is November 30, 2020. Please find all details on the EIT Urban Mobility website.

The EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), aims at creating more livable spaces in Europe’s cities with creative ideas and smart solutions in mobility. The DTN creates a Europe-wide network in academia that pursues the goal to connect research, industry and local governments in order to shape Europe's cities for the future. Together with 13 other European universities, TUM is committed to foster research opportunities within this framework. IGSSE, in the role of the DTN office, supports the young researchers on an administrative level, i.e. in their training program.