Happy first anniversary JADS: a recap of the past year in the joint program with the Imperial College London

In October 2020, the first cohort of the Joint Academy of Doctoral Studies (JADS) has started with six research projects within the theme of “Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Healthcare”. Now, the second cohort takes off with six new projects dealing with “Mathematics of Information: Theory and Application”.

What has the experience been so far and where has this joint journey led? Two news articles present the perspectives from the professors and doctoral candidates of JADS.

What is it like to be a doctoral candidate in such a collaborative program? Dmitrii Usynin, JADS cohort 2020, has shared his experience of the first year: “Having access to both environments and switching between them is probably the biggest advantage you can get out of this collaboration – regardless of your PhD topic.“ Read more about Dmitrii’s motivation in the TUM news: Earning a doctorate at two top universities - TUM.

And how can the projects benefit from the joint research? Principal Investigators from TUM and the Imperial College London (ICL) have reported from the advantage of sharing expertise for their individual research. Learn more about the progress of the projects in the ICL news: Imperial and Germany’s TUM driving exciting collaborative research and education | Imperial News | Imperial College London.

Happy first anniversary JADS, we are curious what the next year will bring.