The Joint Academy of Doctoral Studies welcomes six projects for the 2021 cohort

For the second cohort of the “Joint Academy of Doctoral Studies” (JADS), TUM and Imperial College London (ICL) have called for projects within the theme of “Mathematics of Information: Theory and Application” this spring. Out of the applicants, a jury from both universities selected six projects, which passed the multi-stage selection including external reviews. The winning teams are:

  • “Data-driven Intermodal Autonomous Mobility: Operations and strategic control” by Professor Maximilian Schiffer from TUM and Dr. Dario Paccagnan from ICL
  • “Coded Computation for Large Scale Machine Learning with Privacy Guarantees” by Professor Antonia Wachter-Zeh from TUM and Professor Deniz Gunduz from ICL
  • “Machine Learning Tools for Adversarial Optimisation” by Professor Blanka Horvath from TUM and Professor Johannes Muhle-Karbe from ICL
  • “Modelling, Prediction and Anomaly detection of Earth Surface Dynamics” by PD Marco Körner and Professor Martin Werner from TUM and Professor Almut Veraart and Professor Dan Crisan
  • “Data-driven coarse-graining and applications” by Professor Phaedon-Stelios Koutsourelakis from TUM and Professor Grigorios A. Pavliotis from ICL
  • “Next Generation Digital Acquisition using Modulo Nonlinearities: Algorithmic, Statistical and Information Theoretic Aspects” by Professor Felix Krahmer from TUM and Dr. Ayush Bhandari from ICL

The selected research teams receive funds for their projects, including support for doctoral candidates. One doctoral researcher from TUM and one from ICL will join each project. Both sides will work closely together and jointly begin their research this October.

Each year, the universities’ presidents select a trending topic to foster innovative research with combined expertise. “Mathematics of Information” will enrich the JADS program with application-driven projects in the areas of machine learning, statistics, and dynamics., Professor Johannes Zimmer from TUM and Dr. Martin Rasmussen from ICL, both experts in this field, accompany the cohort as the academic leads.

JADS first started in 2020 as a pilot project and is based on the flagship partnership between the Technical University of Munich and the Imperial College London. Since last October, the first cohort of JADS has been conducting research with six project teams in the field of "Artifical Intelligence, Robotics and Healthcare".