A perfect environment for interdisciplinary research training groups

IGSSE is an exclusive setting for research frameworks with an interdisciplinary and international orientation. Our graduate school provides a network for TUM principal investigators and their international partners with administrative and counseling support facilitating our members´ dedication to the essentials of research and training.

So far, IGSSE has supported Focus Areas employing interdisciplinary synergies of diverse TUM departments (Biomat, Water, MAC) and research training groups (AdONE, ATUMS), as well as the international Focus Area GreenTech. Being part of IGSSE´s Focus Area network holds great opportunities to launch new scientific flagship projects, research infrastructures, or attract subsequent funding in national and international contexts.

List of Focus Areas

Advanced Optimization in a Networked EconomyDFG Research Training Group | Starting 2017

Functional Hybrid Materials | DFG International Research Training Group | Starting 2015

Focus Area Water 
Excellence Initiative | Starting 2013

Focus Area Biomaterials
Excellence Initiative | Starting 2012

Focus Area MAC
Munich Center of Advanced Computing | Starting 2007