14.10 GENOMic data and Inference of Epidemic routes for Quiescent And DOrmant Parasites (GENOMIE_QADOP)

14.08 Copula based State Space Modeling for Flight Safety Analyses (CopFly)

14.04 Peptide binding and release: Combining drug delivery and protein purification (PepBiR)

13.06 Geometric Methods for Kinetic Equations (GEMKIN)

13.04 Quantifying Effects of Extracellular Matrix Mechanical Properties on Tumor Growth (cellMATh)

13.03 Single-cell analysis enhanced molecular diagnostics (SCAMDI)

12.05 Uncertainties due to boundary conditions in predicting mixing in groundwater (UNMIX)

10.02 Bayesian Updating Of Engineering Models with Spatially Variable Properties (BAYES)

9.10 Co-simulation, optimization and optimal control of adaptive structures subject to coupled physical fields and signals – exemplary applications for energy harvesting from the interaction of fluids and structures (COSIMO)

7.01 Integration of Renewable Electricity Generation