Earth and related environmental sciences

13.07 Assimilation of High Resolution GOCE based MDT in Global Ocean State Estimation (GOCE4GOSE)

12.01 Filtered adjoint-based techniques for mesh optimization to enable predictive wind field assessment in complex environments (Atmopace)

12.05 Uncertainties due to boundary conditions in predicting mixing in groundwater (UNMIX)

12.08 Reducing nitrate-contamination in oxic groundwater systems by stimulating hydro-gen (H2)-oxidizing denitrifiers (Healthy-water)

12.09 Detecting and modelling fluid flow and critical hydrostatic pressure in permafrost/cryospheric rock walls (HydroPF)

12.10 Constraining phosphorus feedbacks on the CO2 fertilization effect in the Amazon rainforest (PhosPhorest)

9.09 Sense-making image mapping from remotely sensed GLC30m (SMImage)

7.07 Event Detection and Visualization of Volunteered Geographic Information