Civil engineering

14.07 Congestion-Impacted Accessibilities and Economic Performance Evaluation (CAPE)

13.07 Assimilation of High Resolution GOCE based MDT in Global Ocean State Estimation (GOCE4GOSE)

12.01 Filtered adjoint-based techniques for mesh optimization to enable predictive wind field assessment in complex environments (Atmopace)

12.04 MOnitoring, MOdeling and forecasting MObility patterns (MO3)

10.02 Bayesian Updating Of Engineering Models with Spatially Variable Properties (BAYES)

9.10 Co-simulation, optimization and optimal control of adaptive structures subject to coupled physical fields and signals – exemplary applications for energy harvesting from the interaction of fluids and structures (COSIMO)

9.11 High-performance interactive flood simulations (iFlood)

GreenTech 01 - Energy Efficient Buildings and Communities (EEBC)

GreenTech 03 - WIND

7.05 Coupling strategies for Isogeometric multiphysics analysis and optimization (CIMAO)

7.07 Event Detection and Visualization of Volunteered Geographic Information