14.04 Peptide binding and release: Combining drug delivery and protein purification (PepBiR)

13.01 Field-effect Photochemistry: Modulating Cat-alytic Reactivity and Selectivity in 2D Semi-conductors (FEPChem-2D)

12.02 Photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction with tailored nanostructured metal/semiconductor electrodes (CO2-NanoCat)

12.07 Photocatalytic carbon chemistry - Engineering light harvesting and charge carrier transport (PCC)

11.01 Active nanostructured electro-catalysts for energy (ActiveElectroCat)

11.05 High-efficiency Nanowire Solar Cells by Carrier Multiplication (NW-Solar)

11.06 Photocatalytic carbon chemistry – Project 2: Novel approaches in molecular and hybrid photocatalysis (PCC2)

10.04 On-Chip Communication and Detection Via Plasmons and 2d Crystals (CommOnChip)

9.04 Advanced III-V semiconductor nanowire-based electronics (NW-Electronics)

9.05 Smart magnetic systems based on biohybrid nanocomposites (SMSBN)

9.06 Microreactor with integrated characterization for the synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles (MiCSMaP)

9.08 Nanowire lasers

8.01 Low-Cost Organic Thin-Film Devices for Glucose Sensing

7.04 Hybrid Photonic Nanomaterials