Electrical, electronic, information engineering

11.02 Controlled prOcessing and Numerical models for the understanding of charge Transport & Recombination in Organic eLectronics (CONTROL)

11.03 Emergent Quantum Light (EQUAL) Computer and information sciences | Physical sciences | Electrical, electronic, information engineering

11.05 High-efficiency Nanowire Solar Cells by Carrier Multiplication (NW-Solar)

11.09 Brain-To-Sound Computer Interfaces: Neurofeedback of Music for Entrainment, Interaction and Neurorehabilitation (INTERACT)

11.10 Trust between Autonomous Technical Systems (TrusTec)

10.04 On-Chip Communication and Detection Via Plasmons and 2d Crystals (CommOnChip)

10.06 Platform-Aware Synthesis of Embedded Control Software (PARSEC)

10.10 Microfluidics Meets Electronic Design Automation: Algorithmic Exploration of Future Biochip Architectures (FLUIDA)

9.01 Robotic light touch support during locomotion in balance impaired humans (ROLITOS)

9.04 Advanced III-V semiconductor nanowire-based electronics (NW-Electronics)

9.08 Nanowire lasers

7.01 Integration of Renewable Electricity Generation

7.02 Multiscale simulation

7.06 Autonomous mapping of senor signals to abstract symbols