Mechanical engineering

14.09 Multi-fidelity Failure Modeling and Optimization for Natural Fiber Structures in Complex Environments (FaiMONat)

14.08 Copula based State Space Modeling for Flight Safety Analyses (CopFly)

13.09 Numerical investigations on high-temperature effects on hypersonic transitional flows (HT)2

13.04 Quantifying Effects of Extracellular Matrix Mechanical Properties on Tumor Growth (cellMATh)

12.03 Fracture Risk in Human Bones (FRiHuB)

11.07 Radiomics to estimate local tumor infiltration and optimize personalized treatment in glioma patients (RadioTumor)

10.08 About Optimal Control Methods in Ski Jumping (skOPTing)

9.03 Mass transfer at interfaces to nonaqueous phases (Marangoni)

GreenTech 03 - WIND

7.08 Diesel Reloaded