TUM Innovation Networks

Collaboration across disciplines and academic cultures with top researchers and young talents

Together with TUM ForTe and TUM-IAS, IGSSE hosts the Innovation Networks, which foster transdisciplinary teams and collective creativity. TUM Innovation Networks aim at supporting young talents with innovative research projects. Thereby, they align with "TUM Agenda 30", an intergral element of the TUM excellence strategy.

The Innovation Networks involve three phases. The application process, the first phase, is finished for this year and many creative ideas have been submitted. At this stage in the second phase, the teams are in the process of further developing their ideas with exploratory workshops at IAS. Based on the outcome of these workshops, the president will make the final funding decision starting the thrid phase.

This is when IGSSE comes into play and we are happy to serve as a supportive function for the selected project teams. The doctoral candidates will complete their degree at IGSSE and receive a suitable training with the qualification program. Further information on TUM Innovation Networks can be found in the research section at TUM website.