Research alliances across the globe

IGSSE fosters and strengthens international research collaborations by inviting TUM principal investigators to submit research proposals together with research groups from foreign academic institutions. So far, our graduate school has supported more than twenty research collaborations with international partners. The 13th project team cohort has been IGSSE´s first with three outstanding international research institutions, the University of Queensland/ Australia, ICES of the University of Texas at Austin/ USA and FAPESP/ Brazil.

Find IGSSE´s international project teams (according to continents) listed below.


Addis Ababa University (AAU) | Ethiopia | Project team 14.01

Cairo University | Egypt | Project team 14.02


Tel-Aviv University | Israel | Project team 12.03

Fudan University | China | Project team 5.03

Fuzhou University | China

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) | Saudi Arabia | Project team 8.03

Nanyang Technological University | Singapore | Project teams 4.03, 4.04

National Geomatics Centre of China | China

Tongji University | China

Tshinghua University | China | Project team 5.01

University of Tokyo | Japan | Project team 4.06

Wuhan University | China | Project team 6.08


Queensland University of Technology | Australia | Project team 10.07

University of Queensland | Australia | Project teams 8.02, 13.08, 13.09

South America

University of São Paulo| Brazil | Project team 13.10

University of Campinas | Brazil | Project team 12.10

National Institute for Amazonian Research | Brazil | Project team 12.10