IPT – International Project Teams

Fostering research with TUM's international partner universities

The International Project Teams (IPT) have developed from our previous IGSSE calls, which had an interdisciplinary character and funded projects either between two TUM principal investigators (PIs) or between one TUM principal investigator and one international partner. As of 2020, our annual calls for IPT specifically target collaborations of TUM PIs with TUM's strong international partners. With this program, IGSSE aims at strengthening TUM's network around the globe, supporting international and interdisciplinary scientific collaboration across all of TUM’s disciplines. IGSSE’s IPT thus help to promote the mobility of doctoral researchers and to build sustainable relations for future research opportunities. 

The international project teams consist of one principal investigator and two doctoral researchers each at TUM and at the international partner university. At TUM, one doctoral researcher is funded by IGSSE, while the other is funded by the TUM principal investigator through other channels. Additionally, a coordinating postdoc at TUM supports each team.

TUM funds for IPT

Projects will be supported through their individual institutions based on doctoral training stipends and relevant mobilities and consumables funds. At TUM this support includes:

  • 1 doctoral scholarship per project for four years (2000 € per month stipend)
  • Mobility funds for doctoral researchers (4000 € total)
  • Funds for research stay aborad (4000 € total)
  • Funds for student helpers (4000 € total)
  • Direct project costs/consumables (4000 € total)

Funding is provided for five years after the grant approval letter. Unspent money will no longer be available after this date. 

Cohort 2020

From our latest call in 2020, five projects have been selected. For this cohort, IGSSE has targeted international collaboration with:

If you are interested, take a look at the selected projects in the cohort 2020. Previous projects from IGSSE calls before 2020 are found in Project teams.