Unrivaled opportunities

Cutting-edge research needs people dedicated to realizing and pushing forward ideas. In IGSSE Project Teams, senior researchers combine the potentials of their expertise, postdoctoral researchers coordinate the collaboration, and doctoral researchers pick up invaluable communication competences along with their scientific work.

With one call for proposals every year, IGSSE has seen eleven project team cohorts with 125 teams so far. All had to pass a highly competitive, international peer-review evaluation procedure, securing the highest scientific standards in each project proposal.

Find all our project teams listed according to cohort below or browse them listed according to research fields.

Chronological project team list

14th cohort (granted in 2019) encompasses 10 project teams

13th cohort (granted in 2018) encompasses 10 project teams

12th cohort (granted in 2017) encompasses 10 project teams

11th cohort (granted in 2016) encompasses 10 project teams 

10th cohort (granted in 2015) encompasses 10 project teams 

9th cohort (granted in 2014) encompasses 11 project teams

8th cohort (granted in 2013) encompasses 3 project teams