10.05 Tailoring Small Molecules Using Glucosyltransferases (GLUTAIL)



Plant secondary metabolites are an important source of active ingredients for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. They are frequently decorated with sugars resulting in both increased stability and water solubility of the glycoside product that also show unique targeting effects and altered activity when compared to the original scaffold. Glycosides are formed by the action of glycosyltransferases (GTs) which are a ubiquitous group of enzymes that catalyze the transfer of a sugar moiety from an activated sugar donor, usually UDP-glucose to acceptor molecules usually an alcohol. We are developing a process for the biotechnological production of small molecule glucosides with recombinant Escherichia coli. This is achieved by a joined effort of BINA (Biotechnology of Natural Products, WZW Freising) and IBE (Institute of Biochemical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Garching).

We established and improved a scalable bioprocess for the production of whole-cell GT biocatalysts and designed the biocatalytic process step for the production of geranyl glucoside. The aroma glucoside geranyl glucoside can now be produced at L-scale in a stirred-tank reactor with subsequent purification and concentration of the product. However, the product concentrations after the whole-cell biotransformation step are still too low for industrial applications, and need to be further increased in future research efforts.



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Project team leader

Dr. Thomas Hoffmann 
Biotechnology of Natural Products


Dr. rer. nat. Julian Rüdiger
Biotechnology of Natural Products


Dr. rer. nat. Xenia Priebe
Chair of Biochemical Engineering


Dr. rer. nat. Guangxin Sun
Biotechnology of Natural Products


Dr.-Ing. Julia Tröndle
Chair of Biochemical Engineering

Principal investigator

Professor Wilfried Schwab
Head of Biotechnology of Natural Products

Principal investigator

Professor Dirk Weuster-Botz
Chair of Biochemical Engineering