7.01 Integration of Renewable Electricity Generation


In an electricity system with a very high penetration of renewable energies demand and generation is not well matched. In an increasing number of hours generation will outweigh the demand. The optimal integration of renewable energies requires more flexibility of the whole system. A fast ramping up and down of power plants becomes a necessity as well as the enforcement of the electricity grid and the eytension of energy storage capacities. The goal of the project is to develop a new methodology which defines the necessary build-up of new infrastructure to integrate renewable energies smoothly. Most existing approaches focus on singular parts of the infrastructure and miss optimisation opportunities in the interplay of different parts like the electricity grid and energy storage. The IGSSE project will develop o holistic methodolgy of the electricity system which simultaneously optimises the build-up of power plants, transmission networks and storage facilities under economic consideration. The interdisciplinary cooperation makes it possible to combine electrotechnical and economic aspects with modern mathematical approaches in building new models and optimisation tools.


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Project team leader

Dr. Philipp Kuhn
Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems

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Philipp Otto Ahlhaus
Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems


Dr. rer. nat. Paul Stursberg
Chair of Applied Geometry and Discrete Mathematics


Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Silbernagel
Chair of Applied Geometry and Discrete Mathematics



Dr.-Ing. Anna Elisabeth Kellerer
Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems 

Principal investigator

Professor Thomas Hamacher
Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems

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Professor Peter Gritzmann
Chair of Applied Geometry and Discrete Mathematics

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Professor Rolf Witzmann
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