7.02 Multiscale simulation


We propose a novel multiscale simulation of photocatalytic/photo-electrochemical water splitting at semiconducting surfaces that are nanopatterned with mono-disperse metal clusters of up to a few ten atoms. Relying on a method that combines density-functional theory approaches and Monte Carlo simulation, the main objective is to arrive at an atomic-scale characterization of the electronic and geometric structure of the tailored system, to single out the effect of the liquid environment, and to develop a fundamental understanding of the energy and charge transfer processes at the semiconductor-cluster-electrolyte/adsorbate interfaces. Understanding the fundamental microscopic processes which ultimately control water splitting is a crucial step towards a full exploitation of such mechanism in the search for clean and renewable energy sources.


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Project team leader

PD Dr. Harald Oberhofer
TUM Department of Chemistry


Dr. rer. nat. Daniel Berger
Chair of Nanoelectronics


Dr.- Ing. Dan Horia Popescu
Chair of Nanoelectronics

Principal investigator

Professor Paolo Lugli
Chair of Nanoelectronics

Principal investigator

Professor Karsten Reuter
Chair of Theoretical Chemistry