7.04 Hybrid Photonic Nanomaterials

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In this project we develop new methods to enhance and control the interaction between light and matter in metal-dielectric nanomaterials. Such functional nanomaterials facilitate the strong concentration of light below the optical wavelength via the optical excitation of plasmons (oscillations of free electrons in the metal) and are fabricated by complementary methods, including electron beam lithography and additive manufacturing. When positioned flourescent organic molecules, flurophores and semiconductor nanostructures are combined with such metallic nanomaterials, they provide strong potential for a wide variety of applications ranging from highly efficient light emitters and photovoltaic devices to nanoscale devices for information processing.


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Project team leader

Dr. Michael Kaniber
TUM Department of Physics


Dr. rer. nat. Konrad Schraml
TUM Walter Schottky Institute

Principal investigator

Professor Jonathan Finley
TUM Walter Schottky Institute

Principal investigator

Professor Tom Campbell
VirginiaTech | ICTAS