7.06 Autonomous mapping of senor signals to abstract symbols


We investigate the mapping of sensor-based sub-symbolic data onto abstract symbols with the goal to create a binding between the sub-symbolic and the symbolic level in a hierarchical information processing architecture. The approach is envisioned as an iterative procedure, where the sub-symbolic processing level produces hypotheses for symbols, which may qualify for semantic meaningful symbols. The symbolic processing level starts to reason and predict using these hypotheses. Both levels exchange information iteratively to either reinforce a given symbol hypothesis or to reject it.


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Project team leader

Dr. Hao Shen
TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering        

Doctoral researcher

Dominik Meyer
Chair of Data Processing 


Dr.-Ing. Johannes Günther
Chair of Data Processing

Principal investigator

Professor Richard S. Sutton
University of Alberta/ Canada

Principal investigator

Professor Klaus Diepold
Chair of Data Processing