7.07 Event Detection and Visualization of Volunteered Geographic Information


This joint project between TUM and Tongji University China aims at detecting and visualizing events, event patterns and event relationships. This project is focused on the identification of location-based semantic events in Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI). The two evolving datasets of VGI - OpenStreetMap and Geotagged Google MyMaps will be continuously monitored and they serve as potentially event-rich test data. Various geovisualization and analytical methods will be developed or elaborated. The detected event information will be then integrated with the existing geospatial data of the selected sites. The enriched data will be finally visualized in an interactive viewer.


Polous, K., et al. : "A General Framework for Event Detection from Social Media" In Francis Harvey and Yee Leung (Eds.), Advances in Spatial Data Handling and Analysis (pp 85-105). Springer International Publishing. 2015.

Polous, K., et al. : "OpenEventMap: A Volunteered Location Based Service" in Cartographica Journal, 50.3. 2015.

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Project team leader

Professor Jukka Matthias Krisp
Chair of Cartography 


Dr.-Ing. Nina Polous
Chair of Cartography

Principal investigator

Professor Liqiu Meng
Chair of Cartography