4.05 The role of adaptation in networked control systems


The goal of the research projects in “networked dynamical systems” and “adaptive control in networked control systems” is to understand mechanisms that drive global dynamic behavior in complex systems and develop methods for technological conversion of achieved theoretical results. Electric infrastructures are chosen as application due to its significance in science and technology with an impetus for societal changes and vice versa.


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Project team leader

Professor Sandra Hirche
Chair of Information-oriented Control


Dr.-Ing. Harald Voit
Chair of Automatic Control Engineering


Dr.-Ing. Arman Kiani Bejestani 
Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems (ENS)

Principal investigator

Professor Martin Buss
Chair of Automatic Control Engineering

Principal investigator

Professor Anuardha M. Annaswamy
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts University of Technology, USA