Ensuring an exceptional framework

One of the IGSSE principles is to build networks amongst researchers who share the same dream. This includes the participation of researchers and staff on all career levels in also the governance and administration of our graduate school. From the director to the doctoral researchers, from the department head to the head of R&D of a company, everyone is invited to discuss and deicide on IGSSE policies and the funding of research projects and other activities.
The close collaboration of IGSSE Board, Scientific Council and Management Office aims at transferring the demands of all stakeholders into a strong, innovative research community.

Director and Deputy Director

Incite, guide and accompany concepts for IGSSE´s development and represent IGSSE within and outside TUM. They are members of the IGSSE Board and elected by their peers within this body.

The director chairs the IGSSE Board. She is a member of the TUM Graduate School Committee of Graduate Center Spokespersons. The deputy director assists and stands in for the director if necessary. 

Currently, Prof. Barbara Wohlmuth and Prof. Gerhard Kramer are Director and Deputy Director respectively. Find them on our IGSSE Board members´ list.


This body steers the scientific and institutional development of IGSSE, especially the final decision on new project proposals. It is composed of representatives from diverse TUM faculties and cross-faculty institutions as well as Focus Area spokespersons and representatives of the doctoral researchers and project team leaders.

Find all current members of the IGSSE Board.

Scientific Council

The IGSSE Scientific Council reflects and discusses recent achievements and future developments of our graduate school. The committee advises the director on scientific, institutional and organizational issues.

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Doctoral researchers´ representatives

The IGSSE doctoral researcher´s community elects the speaker and deputy speaker of IGSSE Graduate Council. These are members of and share one seat at the IGSSE Board and the TUM Graduate Council. Their responsibilities include participation in the evaluation process of new project proposals and communicating the quality of education to the IGSSE Director and Board.
They also have funds for and are invited to initiate networking events that help creating a supportive and enjoyable environment for doctoral researchers at our graduate school.

Currently, Veronica Bessone and Johannes Küchle are elected representatives of the IGSSE Doctoral Researchers. Find them on the list of IGSSE Board members.

Project team leaders´representatives

The IGSSE Project Team Leader (PTL) community elects a speaker and deputy speaker. They are members of and share one seat at the IGSSE Board. Their responsibilities include active participation in the evaluation process of new project proposals and communicating ideas and concerns of the PTLs to the IGSSE Director and Board.
The PTL speakers also initiate special trainings for IGSSE PTLs either at a TUM campus or as part of the IGSSE Forum.

Currently, Prof. Gabriele Chiogna and Dr. Tao Ma are the elected IGSSE PTL representatives. Find them on the list of members of the IGSSE Board.

Management office

The management team assists with information and support regarding an IGSSE research project and the doctoral training life cycle.

Find all contact persons on the IGSSE Management Office site.

TUM Graduate School

IGSSE is a Thematic Graduate Center of TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS), the central academic institution for doctoral education at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). It promotes structured training for doctoral researchers and closely collaborates with all TUM departments to provide the best possible supervision.

TUM-GS was founded in 2009 based on the IGSSE concept of a faculty-spanning doctoral training program. As of 2014, all TUM doctoral researchers are associated to TUM-Graduate School along their membership in a Graduate Center.