9.09 Sense-making image mapping from remotely sensed GLC30m (SMImage)


This joint project between the Lehrstuhl für Kartographie at TUM (TUM-LfK) and the National Geomatics Centre of China (NGCC) aims to visually empower the uniquely available GLC30m (global land cover of 30m resolution) at NGCC with the uniquely available attention guiding design framework of concise image maps at TUM-LfK. Both partners are committed to developing a globally accessible open-source platform for GLC30m. The platform will provide a metadata catalogue and (semi)automatic value-adding services to enable the continuous validation, updating and efficient use of GLC30m incl. visual query, visual narratives ofquery results and creation of web-based image maps for selected applications and target groups. Across the fields of remote sensing, geoinformatics, visual perception and neuropsychologyand cartography, innovative methods are anticipated to (a) interlace the first-handinformation from raster images with the second-hand information from map symbols and labelsat multiple visual levels rather than just a figure-ground composition; (b) unite the pixel resolution reflecting the degree of ground-truth with the map scale reflecting the cognitive abstraction in the visual storytelling; (c) convert the globally accessible land cover types into personalized visualizations for efficient data understanding.


Chuprikova, E., Wu, H., Murphy, C. E., and Meng, L. (2016) Visual tools for crowdsourcing data validation within the globeland 30 geoportal, Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XLI-B8, 1301-1304,


Project team leader

Christian Murphy
Chair of Cartography


Dr.-Ing. Ekaterina Chuprikova
Chair of Cartography


Dr.-Ing. Hao Lyu
Chair of Cartography

Principal investigator

Professor Chen Jun
National Geomatics Center of China

Principal investigator

Professor Liqiu Meng
Chair of Cartopgraphy