GreenTech 02 - Interface Science for Photovoltaics (ISPV)


This initiative will further the development of future photovoltaic technologies and combine the knowledge from the fields of thin film and organic photovoltaics.

ISPV focuses on fundamental issues within solar cell research. The partnerhsip associates competences and experience in the physics and chemistry of materials and utilizes the techniques and theoretical understanding of both areas.

Research topics

  • Advanced interface engineering for silicon heterojunction solar cells
  • Silicon heterojunction devices
  • Polycrystalline solar cells
  • Stability andperformance of polymer solar cells


Kupijai, Alexander J., et al."Bipolar polaron pair recombination in polymer/fullerene solar cells." 2015.

Sarkar, K., Schaffer, C., et al.: "Tuning the pore size of ZnO nano-grids via time-dependent solvent annealing", 2014.

Palumbiny, C., Heller, C., Schaffer, C., et al.: "Molecular reorientation and structural changes in cosolvent-treated highly conductive PEDOT:PSS electrodes for flexible indium tin oxide-free organic electronics", 2014. 

Aigner, W., et al.: "Separation of semiconducting and ferromagnetic FeSi2-nanoparticles by magnetic filtering", 2013.

Schaffer, C., et al.: "A direct evidence of morphological degradarion on a nanometer scale in polymer solar cells", 2013.


Project team leader

Dr. Volker Körstgens
Institute for Functional Materials

Doctoral researcher

Shambhavi Pratap
Functional Materials


Dr. rer. nat. Willi Aigner
Experimental Semiconductor Physics 2


Dr. rer. nat. Christoph Schaffer
Functional Materials


Dr. rer. nat. Alexander Kupijai
Experimental Semiconductor Physics 2


Dr. rer. nat. Claudia Palumbiny
Functional Materials

Principal investigator

Professor Martin Brandt
Spins and Defects in Semiconductors

Principal investigator

Professor Peter Müller-Buschbaum
Functional Materials

Principal investigator

Professor Martin Stutzmann
Fundamental Research in Semiconductor Electronics