IAS Coffee Talk with PTL Harald Oberhofer: Molecular Lego


10 June 2019 | 13:00 hrs | TUM IAS Building | Garching Campus

"Molecular Lego: How Theory can aide in the Search for New Organic Semiconductors" is the title of PD Dr. Oberhofer´s presentation. Using theoretically calculated properties of the crystal, so called descriptors, his group analyzed 64.000 experimentally known crystal structures to test them for possible semi-conductive properties. While this already yields a few candidates, the group then goes on to derive general relationships between molecular structures and their suitability in organic electronics, by "mining" this database for commonalities and correlations. They find certain structural motifs that reliably improve charge transport properties of an organic crystal hinting at a "molecular lego" for optimal organic semiconductor design. Read more about his findings in the TUM press release or meet him over a cup of coffee at the IAS. IGSSE docotral researcher Christian Kunkel has been first author to this publication!