Supported by the IGSSElerator Grant: Mini-symposium at SIAM UQ20 conference

IGSSE is delighted to announce to support the mini-symposium Uncertainty Quantification in Hydrology  co-chaired by Gabriele Chiogna, PTL to project team 12.05 UNMIX via the IGSSElerator Grant (for all application details, please open the IGSSElerator info file). This grant is open to all IGSSE project team leaders upon application. The mini-symposium is part of the SIAM UQ 20 conference.


Hydrological model simulations are often complicated by inevitable uncertainties in initial conditions, boundary conditions, and parameter fields. A proper identification and quantification of such uncertainties are nowadays a must for any modern hydrologist. In this mini symposium, beside presentations focusing on how uncertainty quantification can be properly performed for problems typical of hydrological sciences (e.g., flow and transport in porous media, river and karst spring discharge predictions, surface water-groundwater interaction, etc.), we want to emphasize why uncertainty quantification is relevant in hydrology and its implication for engineering applications. 

Speakers, part I:

Speakers, part II: